It is to giggle

David Miliband, the foreign secretary, is the subject of growing talk in Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Scandinavia that he is in line to become Europe\’s first foreign minister.

The post of high representative is one of the key innovations of the Lisbon treaty, which is on the brink of ratification and aimed at streamlining the way the EU works and increasing Europe\’s clout in the world. A decision on the job is expected within weeks.

No, not even the European Union is that fatuously stupid.

This is some internal Labour Party manouvering. Miliband himself perhaps, bigging himself up to run against Gordo. \”You know, I could have had that job but I stayed here to rescue the Labour Party.\” Or Mandy for some unknown reason.

But banana man representing all of Europe? No, giggles.

3 thoughts on “It is to giggle”

  1. Europe stretches to the Urals. So it would make sense to appoint someone who, at some stage of his career, represented the interests of the Soviet Union. Mandy was a Young Communist, wasn’t he?

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