It\’s a common view, certainly Bryony

The raison d\’être of advertising is to mislead us into buying things we don\’t need.

Can\’t say I\’m wholly convinced though. The largest advertisers for decades have been the consumer products companies like Proctor and Gamble. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste: certainly we could argue about whether a specific type or brand is something we need or not but leaving aside the crusty hippies of the nef and their ilk, I think we\’d all agree that the basic products are things that we need?

Ah, sorry, I see that I\’m wrong.

Proctor & Gamble is losing its crown as the largest advertiser in the U.K. After having cut its ad spend by 10% (and its TV budget by 13%), P&G is about to be ousted by the U.K. government as top spender.

As we most certainly don\’t need as much government as we\’re getting, yes, advertising is indeed something practised simply to get us to buy things we don\’t need.

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  1. I’ve just spent the last day or so stuck in front of the ‘puter, listening to Absolute Radio.

    I started keeping tabs on Govt adverts.
    In each add break there was at least one, sometimes two ad’s for the following.

    Job centre Plus (DWP)
    Anti Smoking -(NHS)
    Hepatitis C Warning – (NHS)
    Replacing Paper Driving Licence (DVLA)
    Driving without insurance ( DVLA, DofT, and I’m sure HMRC)
    The Carbon Trust ( Fake Charity)
    The Energy Saving Trust ( Fake Charity)

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