Madonna doesn\’t rate Paul McCartney

There\’s a reason for this:

\”People have told me, \’you could just go out there and play guitar and sing your songs like Paul McCartney\’, but I\’d be too bored,\” she says.

\”Most of the joy of the shows is the magic of creating them: theatre. I\’m a perfectionist. I like hard work. I like to sweat.\”

The real point is that Madonna is not either a musician or a singer: she\’s an entertainer. The show, the dancing, the lights and the glamour: that\’s Madonna. At the heart of McCartney\’s appeal is an extremely good musician and possibly one of the all time great song writers.

The reason that Madonna doesn\’t do those sorts of stripped down sets is because she doesn\’t have the voice, the songs, the skill or the talent to carry them off.

10 thoughts on “Madonna doesn\’t rate Paul McCartney”

  1. “At the heart of McCartney’s appeal is an extremely good musician and possibly one of the all time great song writers.”


    ‘The Frog Chorus’

    That’s all I have to say…

  2. I *like* the frog chorus 🙂

    Julia, you telling me that great songwriters cannot write stuff for kids/grankids?


  3. As you say.

    Madonna is a theatrical producer with the balls to front her own shows. Think Harvey Goldsmith with less ugly and more chutzpah. In a chrome leotard.

  4. Timmy wants to fill the world with silly love songs ..and what’s wrong with that….

    I like entertainment and I sometimes the UK needs more collaborative creativity . Its in the American grain , script writers actors performers are all the servants of the audience and , in my view , this has raised levels over the years . Aha what about Ricky Gervais you say , where is he now I respond .
    Madonna has a distinctive voice and
    talent for the business , other people write her some great stuff and the product , show , tour etc. , though not my cup of tea , is the nuts . All good

    The Macca is oddly enough underrated , his voice has a strange tender quality especially in the lower register he forsook when Wings got the moolah in, his melodies are the heart of the Beatles .

    Room for both

    What makes me laugh is when a fat tap dancer from Stockport whose record Company get him a song writer pretends he had anything do with it .What makes me scream with laughter is when he writes his own stuff and bankrupts the company its so bad. Similarly when Hirst tried painting ..

    All together now

    La la la lala la laaaaaaaa
    Lala la laaaaaaaaa
    Hey Jude
    La la la lala la laaaaaaaa
    Lala lka laaaaaaaaa
    Hey Jude

  5. The difference?

    Madonna continued to be the very definition of a female entertainer after she passed 30. Every album, every tour, every re-invention.

    Is McCartney remembered for anything he’s done since 1972?

  6. Thta’s what a lot of people forget about Elvis: he was an entertainer, but his early stuff was him, a guitar, and somebody on a slap-bass. Try sitting down with a guitar and singing Mystery Train, and see how good you are.

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