Nailing Nassim

Nassim Taleb rather gets nailed here. I\’ve no idea how true the allegation is but it\’s an interesting put down at least:

He has a theory: that he\’s saying something really 1)new, 2)true, and 3)important. He says many things, often contradictory, but he never manages more than 2 of those attributes in any assertion.

2 thoughts on “Nailing Nassim”

  1. If it’s true and important, it’s not awfully likely to be new. It’s not as if he’s an experimental scientist.

  2. Taleb is best when he is talking about things he knows. That is, the sections of “The Black Swan” about financial markets are the best bits. I think there are plenty of other bits of the book that are pretty much true, but less original than he likes to think they are. I think it’s a good book – just not a particularly revolutionary one.

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