Now isn\’t Peter Mandelson a very good businessman?

In a move that reflects the deep concerns within Government about the threat to UK jobs and the viability of Magna\’s plans, the Business Secretary hired PwC to scrutinise the arrangements separately from a German study.

PwC, one of the \”big four\” accountancy firms, is believed to have confirmed Lord Mandelson\’s fears that Magna\’s restructuring proposals for General Motors Europe are not the most commercially viable and that a buyer taking a fresh look at the business would pursue a different approach.

Quite amazing really, don\’t know why he\’s wasting his time in government. With skills like that he could simply team up with PwC and create an industrial giant, couldn\’t he?

In an interview while on a visit to Korea, the Business Secretary said the present business plan has \”shortcomings\” and cannot be accepted.

He added: \”If there are not to be negative consequences for Vauxhall, the plan needs to be redressed in certain ways.\”

Just astonishing the skills you pick up over the years as a vote stealer. We\’ve got Ed Balls, who trained in economics and now knows how to run schools, Alistair Darling, a lawyer who now knows how to run the economy….just astonishing how this knowledge simply descends from the heavens when you get a seat around that Cabinet table, isn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Now isn\’t Peter Mandelson a very good businessman?”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    I’m sure Peter Mandelson is an excellent businessman. After all, he managed to magic up a large house in London for nothing.

  2. Eh? The PwC report will have been written by a team of seriously clever and talented people, most of whom will have previously had serious jobs in manufacturing industry, corporate strategy or both, plus a few PhDs and financial specialists doing the complex modelling.

    Magna’s strategy, on the other hand, involves a Russian oligarch taking bribes from the German government, which are worth more than the actual business, to sack Belgians and Brits instead so they doesn’t lose marginal seats at the next elections. It’s BMW/Phoenix all over again.

    Taking the word of the first lot over the latter lot seems eminently sensible, doesn’t it?

  3. You forgot the history PhD (History of Socialism in Scotland) who became Labour’s ‘brilliant Chancellor’ for ten years. I wonder what became of him. Oh, yeah… that all went wrong in the end, didn’t it?

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