Obama gets the peace prize

Oh dear: now the peace prize is given to someone actively prosecuting two separate wars.

Who was that bloke who talked about NewSpeak?

11 thoughts on “Obama gets the peace prize”

  1. Like Rachel I thought this was a joke too.

    I realise that the Peace Prize is highly politicised but this is ridiculous, I mean at least Jimmy Carter and Al Gore had actually been doing something regardless of how helpful it was but Obama hasn’t negotiated a single peace deal, or disarmament agreement or anything.

  2. Remember as well that, while this one was partially given for Obama’s vision of a nuclear weapon free world, by this point in his first term Bush has already signed a warhead reduction pact with the Russians

  3. > Apparently he was nominated after only two weeks in office. GSOH, those Vikings.

    The nominations closed after 12 Days of Obamas Presidency, that isn’t even two weeks.

  4. C’mon, it’s clearly a “thank you America for not electing the McCain/Palin Armageddon dream team” prize. And indeed, beating those nutjobs probably *did* do more for world peace than anyone else managed in the year up to February 2009…

    @4, woo, racist idiot bingo WIN.

  5. Seems to me that the Peace Prizes I’ve noted in the past (and this one, as well) smack a good bit of “hope,” rather than real (or real, lasting)
    accomplishment. I don’t want to be misinterpreted about this–but the entire process reflects one of the fundamental differences between those on the “left” and those on the “right,” where the more conservative mindset is to dismiss everything except facts and proven accomplishment while those on the “left” credit lofty goals or even words.

    And, though I’m of the “right,” I don’t mean my description of the “left” in a negative or derogatory sense–it’s just a contrast of different types. In fact, one of the major criticisms I’d make of the other side is their seeming conviction that we (their opponents) not only have no such sentiments as they (hope for a better world, etc.) but, perhaps, have not the vision to think such things possible (or even desireable).

    Liberals (in the current sense), by and large, insist that they don’t believe in God but are extremely anxious to believe in magic (whether embodied in
    Obama or the Scholes-Black theory–astounding!–the theory was “half-Black,” too.)

  6. Wouldn’t it be particularly spectacular if, on the eve of his acceptance speech, he bombed Iran back to the stone age…oh wait…they are already in the stone age….ok back to the age of upright, bipedal humanoid creatures.


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