Oh aye Harry?

Harriet Harman, the Labour deputy leader, is being investigated by police over allegations she left the scene of an accident after hitting a parked car while talking on her mobile phone.

According to witnesses, Miss Harman, who is Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women and Equality, stopped initially but then drove off without giving her insurance or registration details. The offence carries a possible sentence of six months in prison.

However aides said she \”strongly refutes\” the allegations, but added that she was \”co-operating fully\” with the police.

Miss Harman, MP for Camberwell and Peckham, is said to have told a witness who approached her car: \”I\’m Harriet Harman – you know where you can get hold of me\”.

Start ritual cries of \”one law for them and another for the rest of us\”…..

So, here\’s the question. If she did do it, is it a resigning matter?

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  1. Ross – that principle does not apply to New Labour. recently the Glumster himself has been uttering lies just about every day…we come to expect the govt to be lying automatically.

  2. If she actually identified herself to the injured party before leaving, I don’t think the offense is any more than merely technical–a matter of paperwork–not what the law intended to criminalize. I would think, however, that where there might be differences in accounts of the incident and circumstances, the scene-leaver’s account would be negatively prejudiced.

  3. Ahh the old ‘Technical matter’ defence.

    As everyone else has the law applied to them as it is is (badly) written, why do government ministers get the law applied to them as it was meant?

    May I suggest if politicians actually experienced the consequences of their legislation, being criminalised by their own laws for things they never intended to criminalise, they just might start writing laws properly and repealing some of the diarrhoea they’ve already passed.

  4. Phil,

    Except unfortunately for your (otherwise sensible) view, this law a) is absolutely sensible and b) predates Labour.

    But I repeat myself

  5. Nope she shouldn’t resign.

    We should just strap her back in the car, and use hydraulic rams to keep slamming it into the back of empty cars until she remembers what you are legally obliged to do in an accident.

  6. Can you imagine the public support if we made a “cash for clunkers” initiative out of this? In fact you could forget about the “cash for” bit. Folk would be lining up offering cars, pianos, breeze blocks, 3 piece suites, wardrobes…

    .. all for the sheer satisfaction of seeing the old harridan being used for target practice.

  7. If she did it and fesses up then she should be given the same punishment as anyone else. It’s not a resigning matter, after all, if she worked in Asda’s they wouldn’t ask her to resign. If how ever she lies about it and then get’s caught out, well, that’s a different matter.

    Mummy x

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