OK, so this is an attempt at satire

But still:

Too busy doing what, I used to wonder. The answer was that he and his brethren were plotting a future in which all writers and musicians would be at the mercy of the mathematicians and the electronic and numerological world they have created. Art is now content. It merely embellishes a \”platform\” of the kind I struggle to read about in the media pages which are now indistinguishable from the technology pages.

Content can be, and is, downloaded – meaning \”stolen\” – at will, and the mathematicians have appropriated a sinister strain of vacuous hippydom in order to justify this theft as a function of individual freedom.

Sigh, it was the art types of the previous generation who were running around screaming that \”property is theft\” and insiting that everything should belong to \”the people\”.

Hoist and petard come to mind: it\’s all very well when it\’s the manufacturing companies and the fine houses that are being appropriated \”by society\” but it\’s a lot less fun when it\’s your own work, isn\’t it?

1 thought on “OK, so this is an attempt at satire”

  1. So he’s some kind of vacuous sub-human who is incapable of finding, say, the integral of ln²(x) dx and he’s whingeing that those of us who can have taken over the world? Who does he think created the technology via which his witless ramblings can be instantaneously disseminated to the four corners of the globe? It wasn’t cretinous arty-farty Grauniad tossers, that’s for sure. This smacks of dinosaurs complaining about how all those pesky mammals think they’re superior.

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