One rule for them….

This really is shameless:

However, despite agreeing that Miss Smith had broken the rules, the committee on standards and privileges — to which Mr Lyon reports — simply asked her to apologise. She will not have to repay any money.

She was also not required to apologise to Parliament over the adult films, but chose to mention them in her brief statement to the House, saying: \”This claim should never have been made.\”

Her treatment contrasts with that of London Mayor Boris Johnson\’s former deputy, Ian Clement, who was last week handed a 12-week suspended jail sentence and given 100 hours\’ community service after admitting three charges of fraud in claiming meals with his girlfriend on expenses.

Clement, 44, claimed £156.70 worth of meals which he said were business related when he was in fact entertaining Claire Dowson and another woman, City of Westminster Magistrates\’ Court heard.

They also seem to be entirely incapable of doing simple sums:

While Mr Lyon said it would be \”difficult to see\” how it would not have been cheaper for the taxpayer had Miss Smith designated the room in her sister’s house as her second home, or lived in the grace and favour apartment available to holders of her office, the MPs disagreed. In their report, the committee said: \”We do not believe it can be established with any certainty whether the taxpayer is any worse or any better off as a result of Miss Smith’s nomination of her main home.\”

How\’s the work going on those portable gallows? Anyone out there strengthening the lamp posts?

2 thoughts on “One rule for them….”

  1. There’s what, 650 of ’em, give or take? Assume a ten-person long-drop gallows, ten minutes per cycle to march ’em up, scrag ’em, throw the bodies in the back of the truck and get ready for the next lot: should get the whole lot stretched in a good day’s work. I’m no carpenter or welder, but I reckon with a gang of likely lads you could knock out a rig capable of taking that kind of wear for under £10,000. There’d be a bit of prep-work to match nooses to victims (wouldn’t want to get Jacqui Smith’ s rope mixed-up with Hazel Blears’s, or Jacqui’s head would pop off while Hazel would strangle, dismaying the crowd). You’re aiming for a nice, clean neck-snap in both cases. That seems a minor administrative detail well-suited to a simple Excel spreadsheet.

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