Ooooh! Those bastard men!

On the gender pay gap:

There are currently an astonishing 40,000 equal pay claims in the tribunal queue. Some of them have been there for years and years, delayed by the tortuous process of bringing a case, the difficulty of gathering the evidence and the challenge of finding a man doing a job of comparable value and proving that he\’s being paid more.

The solution?

And they would like it to be possible to have a \”hypothetical comparator\” rather than a real one.

God, men are such bastards aren\’t they? Trying to insist upon actual evidence of a gender pay gap rather than just, you know, making stuff up so that we can all shout \”I Win!\”.

Then there are arguments over whether reporting the median pay gap is an adequate tool to identify and remedy disparities.

Well, certainly it\’s a better one than the mean pay gap which Harriet, the Fawcett Society, the EHRC and you, Ms. Perkins, insist upon using even though you\’ve be told not to by the Office of National Statistics.

You know, your making stuff up again problem again.

5 thoughts on “Ooooh! Those bastard men!”

  1. So as well as it being discrimination if a woman is paid less than a man, it;s now discrimination if a woman is paid less than they think a man would be?

    I think that Perky would be paid more than me for the job I’m doing; who do I sue?

  2. I was watching the 10 O’clock news on the Beeb last night and they covered the dispute in Leeds that has left rubbish piling up in the street for the last three weeks. The cause apparently is that the council are doing an equality audit, and there will be an equal number of losers as winners because as there is no new money they can only redistribute the current pot.

    Some of the bin men believe they will lose a third of their salary, hence the strike. That’s what happens when you elect a politically correct bunch of failed polytechnic lecturers to run your country.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Perhaps it’s also discrimination if I am paid less that I think a man ought to be.

    Or perhaps it isn’t if a man is paid less than the ‘hypothetical comparator’.

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