Quite Liz

This thought did cross my mind when I saw his comments:

Then up pops the mincing pantomime dame of couture to crush the hopes of the curvaceous. In an announcement that embodies perfectly the disdain the fashion industry has for real women, Karl Lagerfeld denounces critics of skinny models as \”fat, chip-eating mummies\” who are \”jealous\” of the stick-insects who stalk the cat walk. \”Nobody wants to see a round woman,\” he says. I think many real men would demur (not that Karl would know).

Why are we taking advice on whether men like to look at round women or not from a gay man?

Surely he\’s one who has a distinctly \”other\” view of the issue?

7 thoughts on “Quite Liz”

  1. Its like a veggie telling the world that Steak doesn’t taste nice or taking advice on which wine to drink with your meal from Osama.

    To those who claim that men want skinny women. Take a look at top shelf magazines and adult movies. Very few of the women in them could make a career out of catwalk modelling, they are too curvy. Never the less, the generate massive interest from normal men.

  2. It may be significant that couturiers tend to want female models who look like prepubescent boys. Eye of the beholder, and all that.

  3. Can I just point out that it is neither the prerogative of Karl Lagerfeld nor Liz Hunt how women look. If Lagerfeld thinks stick insects help him sell frocks, then that’s fine. He should continue to hire them. But he should shut up about what straight men ‘want’, since he has no idea. Similarly, Liz Hunt, who the last time I checked did not stand at the head of a multinational fashion empire, should wind her neck in.

  4. Also, I could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance between Lagerfeld and Max Headroom. Could they perchance, be related?

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