Revealing, no?

Seumas Milne:

a motley array of east European antisemites, homophobes and climate-change deniers.

No, not revealing about whether they are or not, but the conjunction of insults.

Pondering on whether climate change is actually happening or not is now the same as jailing the Jews and banging up the buggerers. Might we not think that Mr. Milne is slightly, umm, a touch too, you know, vociferous on this? Racism is the same as disputing the effects of CO2 on the climate?

16 thoughts on “Revealing, no?”

  1. “Might we not think that Mr. Milne is slightly, umm, a touch too, you know, vociferous on this?”

    Might we not think that Mr. Milne is, frankly, off his trolly?

  2. Also, note the ‘Public debt is not a problem’ theme:

    “The most dishonest of all the “honest choices” Cameron and Osborne claim to be making, however, is that the crisis facing Britain is one of public debt, rather than of recession, growing unemployment, bankruptcies, lack of demand and a continuing squeeze on credit.”

    Johann Hari has the same sort of column up in the ‘Indy’ this morning. It’s the new Left talking point of the week…


    When I read that article of tedious New Labour parroting , I thought I do hope nice Mr. Worstall is sneering in whatever perfumed arbour he spends his languorous days contemplating the follies of man . It is the purest refined shit of a large well bred bull.

    Do please have a look at the illuminating article above on Latvia`s sad and brutal war its interesting .

    The Conservative alliance is absurd let admit it but that springs for the overwhelming “exceptionalism “ of the UK as regards attitudes to National Self Determination and much else. The core problem is that there is no Demos for the democracy which is why it will never work and why Conservatives are marginalised just as New Labour and its self righteous progressive followers wanted .

    There is an answer……

  4. Julia …this talking point is little changed form the last time the IMF came calling and the Callaghan Government were obliged to pay off the Store Card

  5. Why is it ok for Labour to have allies who killed British soldiers (they are in bed with ex IRA) but the Tories must have pure allies?

  6. The love the topic of Conservative Partners. It takes the public’s mind off the thorny issue of what we are doing in the bloody EU in the first place.

    In addition to Labour being in bed with ex IRA they are also in the same group as the DTP from Turkey, the political wing of the PKK, a vicious bunch of murderous thugs.

  7. It is the scpetics who have been pointing out all along that climate is always changing, so the “climate change deniers” are the anti-CO2 mob

  8. Reading a trust fund Stalinist like Milne condemn others for being associated with unsavoury sorts is quite odd. It gives me the same feeling I get when watching Piers Morgan tell someone that they are talentless.

  9. Comparing the Latvian SS with the IRA is a bit mad isn’t, I mean 6 millions jews died for chisakes.

    Also in contrast to grubby anti-semites who are now your friends the IRA represented a community with a genuine grievance.

    Furthermore regarding the main point, climate change could cause mass extinction so if anything can be compared to the holocaust, it can.

  10. “… climate change could cause mass extinction…” Climate change could, or at least drastic climate change could. Could CO2?

    And do they in fact deny that climate change is taking place, or just deny that the best way to combat this is through massive ineffective government regulations?

  11. “Furthermore regarding the main point, climate change could cause mass extinction so if anything can be compared to the holocaust, it can.”

    Equivalence FAIL!

  12. The anguish of the Left is almost physically touchable, isn’t it? They’ve had their time, squandered it (along with vast quantities of money) and now the reckoning approaches. The squeals of “homophobe” and “racist” will come more freqently but lose their potency through inapt overuse – like some vast linguistic Keynesian stimulation.

    I do so love the sensation of schadenfreude.

  13. (apologies for the clumsy “inapt” – the lefties have stolen “inappropriate” and its use by non-lefties is purely ironic)

  14. When it comes to having an opinion about E European history & politics I prefer to reserve judgement.

    A friend’s father had the war crimes people sniffing around him when he had the good fortune to die.

    He was a guard in a concentration camp.

    Sounds pretty cut & dried, yes?

    Until you know something of his life story:

    Drafted into the Lithuanian Army back during one of those forgotten wars back end of the 30’s he was captured by the Soviets. After the falling out between Hitler & Stalin he was impressed into the Red Army but wounded & captured by the Germans. After a period in a camp hospital he could have volunteered for the German Army, remained as a slave labourer or angled himself a cushy number guarding some barbed wire in Poland.
    You choose?
    At the end of the war he managed to get to Austria where he was interned by the Allies. He met a Russian woman & by luck & subterfuge they both avoided forceable repatriation to the USSR, which for most was a death sentence, & ended as a coal miner in Yorkshire.

    You fancy judging him?

  15. “Comparing the Latvian SS with the IRA is a bit mad isn’t, I mean 6 millions jews died for chisakes.”

    What the Latvian SS killed all 6 million? You mean we’ve been wrongly persecuting all those German octogenarians? Tit.

    Ahh I see had a quick look at your site and as I suspected you support the fascist organisation “Unite Against Fascism”. Not worth listening to then. EDF are the fascists? Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa Oh er I think my sides have literally split.

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