Slightly dim for a religious philosopher

The astonishing efforts to lure away Anglican priests show that Pope Benedict is set on restoring the Roman imperium.

That\’s Hans Kung that is.

And he seems just a tad dim here. For the Pope and the Catholic Church rather claim to be the one true apostolic church. It is therefore, by their own lights, their duty to bring all into that communion.

Complaining that people who have dedicated their lives to saving souls are trying to save souls just doesn\’t sound all that sensible.

8 thoughts on “Slightly dim for a religious philosopher”

  1. Surely to restore the Roman imperium it would be the Orthodox Church that should be luring people, the Catholic Church being apostates?

  2. Does anti-trust legislation apply here? Should we allow one church to attain too high a market share? Or break it up?

  3. I take it you do not know very much about Hans Kung’s very principled and cogently argued stance against the legitimacy of the currently-defined Papacy? That he is an xcommunicated priest who knows rather more about theology and the Catholic church than you, I suspect.

    I take it also that you didn’t bother to read his cogent and nuanced article?

    I hope your reading of economic thought is not equally vacuous and arrogant.

    Tim adds: Yes, I do know who Hans Kung is. I’m still making fun of his argument though.

  4. “Religious philosopher” is in the same category of idiocy as “homeopathic physician”. No deep reading of his works is necessary. Arguments about the “legitimacy of the Papacy” have roughly the same intellectual heft as a scholarly discussion of whether Spider-Man could beat up Batman.

  5. When was Hans Kung excommunicated ? He was ordered not represent his ideas as being compatible with Catholic teaching, but that is not the same thing as excommunication.

  6. Bill – maybe not formal excommunication but…

    and I see that Tim does not want to engage with the expressed ideas…merely his odd notions of what Kung is saying…

  7. “Religious philosopher” is in the same category of idiocy as “homeopathic physician”.

    In other words, you want to reject most of the history of Western thought….feeling lazy today or something?

  8. @diogenes

    I’m down with rejecting most of the history of Western thought, as we spent quite a few centuries in the Dark Ages and only a couple producing real philosophy.

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