An 18-year-old ran off with his (34 year old) stepmother after being reunited with his father for the first time since he was a baby, a court has heard.

Not sure what this tells us about modern Britain but it is interesting, no? I\’m not even sure why I find it amusing but I will admit that I do.

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  1. Tim, it is because you are so pleased to find people doing things as a family again ….

    Alan Douglas

    Old joke : Incest, best kept within the family.

  2. @Alan

    Except it isn’t incest, is it? Smear Alert.

    How would a real Liberal view this: adult man falls in love with adult woman who is already married to a man he hasn’t seen for years; that plays no part in his life and who seems to be a stranger to him. Not forgetting of course, that this woman is not a blood relative.

    I expect it would have been gut wrenching if they’d been middle-class.

    Top rated comment, on the site…

  3. Haha. BS.

    The comment is the joke. You are implying that there is something legally wrong in what they’ve done together doing things as a family again– as far as I can see there isn’t. So, your objection is what?

  4. C’mon, Daniel–you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Not every joke or remark is equipped with laser guidance for precision. Fact is, those who store up such quips and punchlines get so infrequent occasion for their display they’re apt to bust if they don’t let one out every now and then, even if not quite “on target.” I think it’s a leap to see “smear” where there’s only a smudge.

  5. Is it not genetics – the 18 year old instinctively like the sort of woman his father did.
    And she liked the look of a younger version of the father.

  6. I’m not sure I could even do the deed with Miss Venezuela if I knew Pa Remittance had ploughed that particular row ahead of me, but have you seen the picture of this lad’s squeeze?

    Normally I would hesitate to judge especially with just a rear aspect photo as evidence, but in this instance I’m prepared to go out on a limb.

    Forget SMILF and think hippocrocadilohog.

  7. btw, I don’t think the definition of MILF is that the M in question has to be one’s own mother, just that the lady has to have reached the age where motherhood is likely. This would render the S redundant.

    In fact, after a lengthy debate at the Mandela Arms the definition was further refined to include only ladies old enough to have adolescant children. The theory being that her kids had to have hormone overdosed chums who would find her charms irresistable.

    Prior to acheiving MILFness, attractive ladies who have grown out of teenie bopperdom should be classed as Yummy Mummies.

    This service to pedantry was brought to you by the Kleinkudoeskop Interdenominational Theological Discussion Group (formerly the Grombooliland Philosphical Society).

  8. ‘Hippocrocadilohog’, RM. Are you ex-forces? Because the only time I heard a similar phrase was from an ex-RN friend (except he said ‘crocadilihorrendopig’. It was in the middle of a sliding scale of munters, preceded by a one bagger (you can do it if she’s wearing a bag on her head, a two bagger (you have a bag as well in case hers bursts), followed by a one-armer (if you wake up in bed in the morning with your arm round her you chew it off rather than wake her up, otherwise known as coyote ugly) and topped by a two-armer (you chew both arms off to stop you doing anything so stupid again).

  9. No, not ex-forces, I borrowed the term from the sister-in-law, Mrs Rennaissance. She’s not forces related either so I can offer no further providence, I’m afraid.

    As for the sliding scale, you forgot the Triple Bagger – one for her, one for you in case hers falls off and one for your dog to stop him losing all respect for you.

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