Tee Hee

This\’ll be fun.

As many as 1,000 priests could quit the Church of England and thousands more may leave churches in America and Australia under bold proposals to welcome Anglicans to Rome.

Entire parishes and even dioceses could be tempted to defect after Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to offer a legal structure to Anglicans joining the Roman Catholic Church.

So which Bishop has to come over with his diocese for us to get Westminster Abbey back?

6 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Good for the Kraut!.

    I suspect that now we shall see some fun involving purple clad Bishops, trendy vicars, and people who are equivocal about God, but confident about his money.

  2. Westminster is part of the Diocese of London, so I guess it would be this chap.

    There was a separate Diocese of Westminster created in 1540 (during which Westminster Abbey became a cathedral and Westminster hence became a city), but this was abolished in 1550 and the church became a mere Abbey again.

    Personally, as a resident of Southwark (which has been a separate diocese and had a cathedral since 1905), I find the lack of city status sad, but they don’t do it that way any more.

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