The 350 campaign


There\’s rather a big snag, however. We are already well over that limit, at 387 ppm. Concentrations passed the 350 point in 1987, and international negotiations are bogged down over plans that would eventually stabilise them at 450ppm. So the world would not only have to cut emissions back far faster than anyone has thought possible, but would actually have to develop ways of taking the gas out of the atmosphere – the biggest ask in history.

No, it ain\’t the biggest ask in history nor anything like it. We know exactly how to take CO2 from the atmosphere.


The half life of CO2 in the atmopshere is 100 years (think I\’ve got that right) which means that if we stop emitting then all we have to do is wait and the level will naturally fall.

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  1. After long nights reading the literature the “half life” of CO2 is whatever you want it to be and there is certainly no consensus on its value. Any guess between 30-400 years seems reasonable.

  2. If I could be confident that 2% of the environmental correspondents of major national dailies could, on half a side of A4, give me a correct, concise definition of say, an Angstrom exponent or a half-life or even the standard deviation of a dataset I might be able to read their output without wondering why the hell anyone would take them seriously. But right now all I’m seeing is the arts spods who were too thick to do A-level physics.

  3. Actually, of about 25 studies conducted since 1950 on the longevity of CO2 in the atmosphere, the range was 6 to 16 years. Keith Briffa, lead author of one section of the IPPC, just sort of invented the century figure.

  4. The “Source: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, Table 2.14.”

    Claims that “Carbon dioxide has a variable atmospheric lifetime, and cannot be specified precisely.[46] Recent work indicates that recovery from a large input of atmospheric CO2 from burning fossil fuels will result in an effective lifetime of tens of thousands of years.[47][48]”

    Which sounds more like it’s obfuscating the average time Co2 spends in the atmosphere

  5. TF – Please try to remember all studies prior to 1991 are ideologically suspect and should be treated as blasphemy.

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