The Lucy Faithful Foundation

So, apparently there are 320,000 kiddie fiddlers out there.

There are 32,000 names on the sex offenders register. But LFF researchers suggest that the real number of paedophiles is 10 times this figure. Provisional studies suggest that between 5% and 20% are women.

The LFF is the Lucy Faithful Foundation.

Which is a charity.

Well, sorta a charity. Of getting on for £3 million in income an entire £20,000 (yes, an entire 0.75%….\”zero point 75 percent\”) is voluntary income. The rest comes from the courts, the Youth Justice Board, the Ministry of Justice, DCSF and the like. Of their 50 staff not one single one is a volunteer.

I think we can safely say that this is a fake charity, no?

Now, that doesn\’t mean that they\’re actually wrong in their numbers. Not alone, all and of itself.

But it does mean that I, as a result of the efforts of the other fake charities out there, do not believe them. Whether or not they themselves are guilty of being a bureaucracy bigging up the problem so as to increase their funding is immaterial in my opinion.

I\’m simply going to assume that they are and thus disregard everything they say.

This is perhaps the saddest thing about ASH and all the rest: they\’ve poisoned the well. Someone as achingly liberal (classically so) as myself, one who believes fiercely in the power of voluntary cooperation to solve human problems, finds that he can no longer trust those who make claims to be part of the little platoons.

You couldn\’t find a better way to destroy civil society if you tried.

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  1. An incoming administration that had a pretence to liberalism (as you and I would understand it) and to fiscal prudence could simply defund these nests of cockroaches with the stroke of a pen. Cameron won’t; Cameron has at least a toe (or a whole leg) in the enemy camp. I could find £100 billion in cuts tomorrow, but the establishment is too far intertwined for anything like that to happen. Call down an airstrike on the glad-handing pseudo-charities and be a marked man if you ever fall out of favour. None of ’em have the courage.

  2. I would be fascinated to know how they conducted their “research”. Because there is no way unconvicted paediphiles are going to even participate in surveys of attitudes to children, or attitudes to sexuality. So the whole thing looks very very suspect.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them posit the phenomenon of “broad spectrum paedophilia” next. Naturally this will include involuntary paedophilia, unconscious paedophilia, and paedophilia by proxy (reading about a paedophile trial in the papers).

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