The soaring sugar price

The international sugar price is soaring. OK, then we get this:

Those with a sweet tooth should not panic. In the EU and US, the sugar market is protected. Prices are controlled in Europe to protect the interests of sugar beet farmers.

\”Protected\” in the sense that we\’re already paying, and have been for decades, vastly higher prices than that soaring international price.

Not quite what most of us would consider as being \”protection\” really. Not unless we\’re to use the Mafia\’s meaning of the word at least.

3 thoughts on “The soaring sugar price”

  1. “Not unless we’re to use the Mafia’s meaning of the word at least.”

    That’s exactly the version of protection that we’re getting; we’re being forced to pay over the odds for some commodity, on pain of violence. It just so happens that the state has the legal monopoly on this form of extortion, whereas the privately-run operations are illegal.

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