These meat emission numbers

To get a kilo of beef, the animal typically eats about eight kilos of grain.

I\’m pretty sure this is true of intensively reared beef. US style feedlots. But how much of the beef in hte UK is raised in that manner? And how much is simply pasture fed?

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  1. If there’s a real sustainability issue with a carnivorous lifestyle then it’s water use. But we’re a clever species, and only fools speak of resources as being finite.

  2. A quick google on “finishing cattle” brings up discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of both confinement finishing, and pasture finishing, in Britain. I gather pasture finishing is common, and was the traditional way. However I could not find numbers on how prevalent either is.
    Even in America, beef cattle are raised largely on pasture and forage crops. Confinement, and heavy grain feeding, are restricted to the last few months before slaughter.

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