This is sex discrimination

Women who do not have children should be allowed to take maternity leave, allowing them time off from the workplace, according to a study.

Why would it be only women who would be aloowed to take a sabbatical?

8 thoughts on “This is sex discrimination”

  1. Because of the historical evil patriarchial oppression of womyn, which is reinforced today in the oppressive hierarchies of the misogynist workplace (see T Worstall, Oct 15).

    Men can, you see, just take time off work whenever they please.

  2. More importantly who will be brave enought o say to a women “well clearly you are to old now to have kid’s, go have a 6 months break”.

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  4. So many comments to be made…

    “By Harry Wallop”

    What is this, Viz?

    “74 per cent of women would be in favour of being allowed to take a six-month break”

    The only question is why a quarter of women don’t want to be allowed a break from work?

    Trying to take it seriously, what happens if a woman takes her leave, and then later gets pregnant? Presumably that’s fine because (I think) there’s no limit to the number of periods of maternity leave. So presumably, you could take these six month sabbaticals every year or two? At any given moment, a company could have half its staff on leave.

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