Tsk tsk

So Pret a Manger\’s sushi is in fact frozen.

But then, so is all sushi right across the EU:

Pret points out that under European Union rules, fish served raw has to be frozen first to kill off any parasites.

No doubt someone will be along soon enough to explain why this law is essential to stop Germany invading France. Again.

3 thoughts on “Tsk tsk”

  1. I think it’s essential to kill the anisakis, which can be quite nasty. Since the point of sushi is that it’s not cooked, the only other option is to freeze it. Or to put a warning on it and treat people like grown-ups.

    Not keen on the stuff myself.

  2. “But then, so is all sushi right across the EU”

    And so too is all sushi served right across the world, including Japan. Because it isn’t cooked, there must be a method of killing off parasites and freezing is the simplest method.

  3. I love it how the ‘Graph is moaning about food labels “not telling the consumer everything” but at the same time quotes an unnamed “industry expert”. Hmm…

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