Weird, just weird

Women pay more for health insurance than men, have more extensive health needs than men,

OK, that seems entirely logical: more health care needs, then insurance for health care will cost more. Men pay more for car insurance, men, because they die earlier, get more each year for any given amount put into an annuity…..

But the weird thing is that line above clearly is intended, in context, to mean something different. That it\’s an outrage that women both require more health care and have to pay more for the insurance.

Just weird.

7 thoughts on “Weird, just weird”

  1. Tim, it only seems weird because you overlook the difference beween justice and fairness: justice is the principle that condemns discrimination of which one is the victim, fairness is the principle that upholds discrimination of which one is the beneficiary.

  2. To tell you what de-facto nationalization will lead to, I recently saw an ad on TV supporting some accessory piece of legislation about health insurance that insistend that it would and should “end discrimination in the health care premiums and fees paid by women”.

    Insurance has the effect of obscuring the actual cost and value of the services used, but Obama-care will magnify that by a factor fo 100.
    In effect people will be VOTING benefits for themselves from the imaginary great pot of society’s shrinking after-tax wealth, and politicians will be “making a gift” to the public of that which they take away from them.

    This will all end in tears. Socialist societies rarely reform, they collapse and then require reconstruction from scratch.

  3. Its a tragedy but Insurance is the one thing I really know well . It struck me that despite the unacceptable risk posed by ‘smoke’ to bar staff the people who actually underwrite the occupation still considered it about twice as dangerous as an office job and vastly less dangerous than anything in Construction and most manufacturing .

    Oh alright I `ll shut up

  4. Who says women have more extensive needs than men. If health care was the same as any other maintance system then a lot more money would go into keeping men alive. There is a large debt in terms of longevity in this area.

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