Well, yes Sunder

Sunder Katwala of the Fabians:

The Taxpayers\’ Alliance may just be a pressure group, but it aspires to represent all UK taxpayers and speak in their name. It is very keen on accountability, so why won\’t it reveal who its donors are? I am sure there is nothing to hide, so why refuse reveal all donors over the value of, say, £5,000?

So, err, I thought I\’d see how the Fabian Society lists its income.

Here\’s the site.

Clearly my Google JuJu isn\’t all that good for I cannot find anything detailing accounts, donations, annual reports……

Anyone know where they actually are?

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  1. Yes indeed ,another one I would like to see some transparency on is Compass. The Guardians Public Sector appointments bung is interesting and the whole financing of the Labour Party why not ?
    It claims to speak for anyone who works but it is financed by the 20% who are unionised and in the Public Sector
    Sunder Katwla will make a good politician it is already obvious that he tailors his remarks to his presumed audience , sometimes he is quite reasonable but this is pure Labour Party PR

    Overall I rather like him

  2. Ok, let me shatter the mystery for you guys and gals, the Fabian Society is in fact funded by a secret international brotherhood of public sector workers and left wing industrialists dedicated to the cause of creating a single international socialist superstate. Despite appearances to the contrary Sunder Katwala is in fact the evil mastermind pulling the strings.

    Deep in our underground volcanic lair, we are working on a mind control serum that we will be introducing into the water supply that will eliminate all traces of libertarian thought. Tim, you have been marked as a guinea pig for our experiment and soon your blog shall no doubt become a hotbed of socialist thought.

    Hope that clears things up for you.

    Tim adds: No, I know this is wrong. Because you don’t have an underground lair. You’re above the sandwich shop 20 yards down the street from the Taxpayer’s Alliance.

  3. “Despite appearances to the contrary Sunder Katwala is in fact the evil mastermind…”

    Pretty sure he’s no mastermind. Not so sure about the other thing though.. 😉

  4. Sunder reveals all in the comments:

    “The Fabians publish our accounts and annual report annually. This lists our financial supporters and any other support in kind. It is sent to our membership of over 6000, is available to anybody who wants to ask a copy, and discussed at our Annual General Meeting, which is an open event which non-members can attend (though not vote). It is possible to be an individual member (£35) or also a member of the Fabian Friends scheme (at the level of £200 a year) and be anonymous, though many/most of the latter choose to be listed by name in the annual report.

    Where we receive financial sponsorship of larger amounts – and this would cover sponsorship of lower levels such as £2000, as well as non-financial support in kind – every funder must sign a partnership agreement and code of conduct (publicly available on request) which governs the relationship and ensures that we always retain editorial control; the financial support is always declared at the event and on the publication to which it relates, and the full list of supporters in each year is given in the annual report. Sorry it is not currently published online: we should do that. Our web presence is something we have only really developed more fully over the last year or two. And we have always made it available on request to anybody.”


  5. Thanks to Rumbold for sharing that link to my response on the CIF site.

    However, the offices may be above the coffee shop in Dartmouth Street, but they do also contain an underground lair.

    A windowless basement seminar room “The Cole Room” named after GDH and Margaret Cole. They may have been bottom-up decentralising types much praised these days by Richard Reeves and Phil Collins. But that just shows you can never let your guard down. if you would hide the children’s ears, I warn you, they were Socialists too.

    So the more you look into it, the more sinister it becomes, which is why increasing numbers of people now seem to think that the frenetic publishing, debating at events and seminars, blogging is just a distraction and a front.

    I thought the secret was out that I do essentially control not just the Brown government but the Obama administration too. Critics will say both show that no plan entirely survives contact with the enemy.

    I say, Fabians, we shall prevail!

  6. “I thought the secret was out that I do essentially control not just the Brown government but the Obama administration too.”

    So evil it is, then.

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