We\’re running out of food!

Well, not quite, but Ambrose EP predicting a huge advance in commodity food prices. The major point:

The UN says global farm yields must rise 77pc, which means redoubling Norman Borlaug\’s \”green revolution\”.

That\’s a cumulative rise I think, to 2050. So a doubling (ish) of global yields in 40 years. Seems high?

I wouldn\’t want to be pinned down on this but I\’m pretty sure that is what was achieved over the last 40 years, if not more in fact.

Strictly speaking, the world has enough land to feed everybody. The Soviet Union farmed 240m hectares in Khrushchev\’s era. The same territory now farms 207m hectares. Troika says crop yields could be doubled in Russia, and tripled in the Ukraine using modern know-how. Africa\’s farms could come alive with land registers, allowing villagers to use property as collateral for credit.

And I\’d be willing to wager a sum that we\’re not really talking about having to discover new and exciting methods either. Rather, just apply the methods we already know about (well, perhaps they\’d need some adaptation for African crops) to those areas which don\’t already use them.

A problem, certainly, but one which we\’ve already got the solutions to I think*.

*For whatever my musings on food supply are worth of course.

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