Why worry about euthanasia?

AN 80-year-old grandmother who doctors identified as terminally ill and left to starve to death has recovered after her outraged daughter intervened.

Hazel Fenton, from East Sussex, is alive nine months after medics ruled she had only days to live, withdrew her antibiotics and denied her artificial feeding. The former school matron had been placed on a controversial care plan intended to ease the last days of dying patients.

Doctors say Fenton is an example of patients who have been condemned to death on the Liverpool care pathway plan. They argue that while it is suitable for patients who do have only days to live, it is being used more widely in the NHS, denying treatment to elderly patients who are not dying.

We\’ve already got it after all.

And there are those who worry about slippery slopes, aren\’t there? Such silly people.

Deborah Murphy, the national lead nurse for the care pathway, (…) She said 3% of patients placed on the plan recovered.

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  1. This is not a form of euthanasia that most of its supporters would advocate. The right to choose argument of Libertarians is clearly being violated as it was not Hazel Fenton who chose to die. If you can make a conscious decision either during or prior to the onset of a life threatening disease (or for that matter, if you just want to die), then I don’t believe anyone has a right to stop you (though nobody can be compelled to help you).

    This, however, is more of a Utilitarian, involuntary euthanasia where the decision that it’s “best all-round” if someone dies is being taken without the victims consent.

    The former affirms natural rights and human dignity, the latter reeks of dystopia.

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