You what Polly?

Where the reminder that government is not an incubus on the free market but the symbol of our collective endeavour?

What collective endeavour?

For there to be such there has to be some point, some goal, some desired final outcome. Which, of course, we as a society as a whole, as a collective, don\’t in fact have.

Government is simply the delegation of that scut work of the society, those things which need to be done both collectively and with the powers of compulsion available only to the State. There is no point to it, no end goal. It\’s simply hiring a servant to make sure we\’re defended, that the law in all its majesty allows the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges and that the rubbish is disposed of.

(We might also comment upon the use of the word \”incubus\”. A devil or sprite who ravishes women while they sleep: the way we get fucked by government currently who can deny that government is indeed an incubus?)

2 thoughts on “You what Polly?”

  1. The fact that a sewerage system is an invariable concomitant of a healthy and advanced society should not obscure the fact that its principal function is to convey rivers of shit. Similarly, the fact that a certain degree of submission to a collective organisation is the only mechanism by which we have found ourselves able to exist should not hide its essential balefulness.

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