A damn silly idea

Nurses will \’need a degree in four years\’

Look, I\’m sorry, but hospitals do in fact have jobs that simply have to be done. Cleaning up a patient, dealing with bedpans and changing dressings etc.

A degree is certainly not needed to do these jobs and could in fact be a barrier to doing them: who really does four years academic study in order to turn patients and rub them down to stop bed sores?

Now of course, those currently called nurses can all take degrees and then go off and do higher level medical care: I think I\’m right in saying that many already have limted prescription rights. But there\’s still a need for those more basic nursing tasks to be done.

I guess they\’ll be done by what, nursing aides? Care assistants? Those who have less training than nurses currently get in these practicalities?

It just doesn\’t sound like an advance in basic health care to reduce the training level and status of those doing such essential tasks.

And I speak as someone who has actually looked over the course work for one of these nursing degrees: not exactly a great educational experience and as far as I could see about status, not teaching anything.

3 thoughts on “A damn silly idea”

  1. Worse than that, by insisting that nurses need degrees and are above wiping bottoms etc, it does degrade the status of that absolutely essential job.

    Dr Crippen has been banging on about this for years.

  2. Absolutely right. but why does the profession fail to see this?

    At its root is the inferiority complex nursing ‘leaders’ have with regard to doctors. Anything they can do to bridge the gap, they will do it.

    The result of this measure will, in fact, be the opposite of their stated aim. It will make it harder for poorly educated people to become nurses (which there is nothing to say these people would not be excellent) and the profession will see menial jobs as even more below their status level.

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