Absolutely superb article on climate change

Richard Tol, here.

Read it all.

The essential point to take away. We\’re already doing too much about climate change.

9 thoughts on “Absolutely superb article on climate change”

  1. Not much mention of the good effects of warming, much better than cooling. But with the things emanating from the climate change bunker, things could change.
    Climate change is a natural phenominon and will not change at mans behest.

  2. We are doing too much and that was before we saw evidence of what lying cheating scumbags the Climate Change Industry is.

  3. @Derek
    A picture’s worth a thousand words.

    CRUgate has not changed my opinion on either climate change or the people sending those emails (one of which is from me).

  4. If you believe in man-made climate change, go to WH Smith and buy a globe. Not an atlas, a globe. Make it a small one. the smallest you can find.

    Turn your globe so that you look at the Pacific. That reminds you that you can’t see any land from that point of view. None of that Pacific is producing any MMGW.

    Then build a model of the sun. I say build, because unless you’re loaded you won’t be able to buy anything to the same scale.

    Then get a clock. As near as you can to the 12 o’clock notch, make a mark. You will now have grossly exaggerated by several orders of magnitude the amount of time human beings have made stuff.

    If the tiny globe, the huge Montgolfier substitute covering your nearest town and the tiny mark on the clock don’t convince you that this man-made global warming thing may be just a bit de trop, then you are beyond rational thinking and may well be the sort of person who faints when a fly farts in your front room.

  5. Nice proof there, Mr. Miller. So how do you explain the planetary-sized hole in the ozone layer that was purely down to man’s activities?

    We evidently can affect the entire planet. To what extent we are causing climate change is debatable. Just don’t ask anyone from the University of East Anglia to contribute to the debate..

  6. Nice argument Kay Tie.

    I thought I was proving that perhaps it wasn’t.

    Your proof seems circular to me.

    You state that there is a problem with the Earth’s atmosphere. You believe we caused it. Therefore this problem is proof that we are responsible for problems in the Earth’s atmosphere.


  7. “There’s absolutely no proof that the ozone hole wasn’t there “forever” and is a naturally occurring phenomenon.”

    Uh huh. And there’s no proof that the Millennium Bug was real. Or that the moon landings really happened. Or that the Illuminati aren’t ushering in World Government. Or that fiat money isn’t a Zionist conspiracy to rob us of gold.

    Believe what you like. I’ll take the satellite images at face value.

  8. What I’d like to know, Tim/Richard is what will the cost of the EU’s 2012 – 2020 plan be expressed in euros per tonne?

    The article suggest €100bn per year. This could be another CAP – around €90bn down the drain every year by our beloved EU.

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