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Children as young as eight who drink milk every day have a lower body mass index than those who drink the low fat variety, according to the study from Gothenburg University in Sweden.

The new study found that children who drink full fat milk weigh on average almost nine pounds less than other children.

And how many years have people been telling us that to lose weight we must ingest less fat?

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  1. ah, but which way does the arrow of causality run? Are kids fat because they drink skimmed milk, or do people with fat kids give them skimmed milk because they’re fat?

  2. I seem to remember from my A-level biology studies of a hundred years ago, that the body is rubbish at processing fats, but really rather good at metabolising carbohydrates, and equally good at converting them into a stored substance for later use. Called, er, fat.

    As an aside, I wonder if this was one of the modern type of experiments. Those which don’t bother with control groups. The little piggies drinking liquid fat can’t ram in that second bag of crisps and so end up being the lesser porkers.

  3. About 2 years ago I discovered I had a digestive disorder that meant I had to stop eating as much carbohydrate as possible. So no bread, cake, biscuits, fruit, or sugary products. I ate instead meat,veg, potatoes (which despite being carbs don’t seem to cause me problems) cheese, butter etc, in fact pretty much the reverse of what we are told is good for us.

    I immediately lost the best part of a stone (and I wasn’t fat before) and have stayed slim, pretty much however much of the fatty stuff I eat. I had my cholesterol checked after about 6 months of the new diet, and while it had risen a bit, the doctor was perfectly happy with its level – he said that higher cholesterol is only an issue if you are overweight, smoke or drink heavily as well. On its own, a slightly higher level is fine.

    I am convinced the human body is not designed to consume large amounts of processed carbs. Our caveman ancestors ate mostly meat, and a few berries. Organised farming, allowing production of grains and sugars, only arrived much later.

  4. “And how many years have people been telling us that to lose weight we must ingest less fat?” Since Dr Ancel Keys’ notorious study in which the data from fifteen countries was suppressed so that he got the correlation he sought from the remaining seven.

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