Boris in shining armour

\’\’He was my knight on a shining bicycle.\’\’

Miss Armstrong admitted she did not agree with Mr Johnson\’s politics, and had voted for his rival Ken Livingstone in the Mayoral elections, but added: \’\’If you find yourself down a dark alleyway and in trouble I think Boris would be of more use than Ken.\’\’

So, there\’s the solution to all London\’s problems: stick the Mayor down a dark alley.

Slightly more seriously, it would be interesting to track down where this story came from. If from hte Mayor\’s press office then one might think less of him. If from sources absolutely not paid to polish the Mayor\’s armour (like, for example Miss Armstrong) one might think more highly of him: and if it was Miss Armstrong, more highly of her too.

5 thoughts on “Boris in shining armour”

  1. It’s impressive if true, although it does make think of that time that a story appeared in the newspapers about Tony Blair saving a man from drowning.

  2. IIRC the BBC version of the story included a line to the effect that “The Mayor’s Press Office confirmed the incident, but refused to comment further”, which suggests it came more from her than him… (or via a third party connected with him, I suppose.)

  3. One report I read said Boris did not even mention it when he came to work the next day.

    PLEASE, no one compare Boris with Bliar !

    Alan Douglas

  4. It’s ok to compare Boris with Bliar, surely? The exercise could only conclude that Boris was infinitely superior to Bliar in every way.

  5. A mate of mine’s sister went to university with Boris, said he was always rucking in the college bar. A lot of these posh eccentrics are surprisingly handy, wouldn’t surprise me if Boris had a few amateur boxing rounds under his belt or something similar.

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