Brad DeLong on Venezuela

Electricity shortages in a country whose sole export is energy are truly a miraculous thing. It takes a very special government to produce them.

It isn\’t of course an exclusively leftist idiot thing. The gross corruption in Nigeria seems to have a similar effect, Iran I believe suffers from petrol shortages.

But then we would agree that all three are very special governments, would we not?

9 thoughts on “Brad DeLong on Venezuela”

  1. What? There are corruption shortages in Nigeria?
    Only yesterday one of their senior businessmen emailed me offering a most generous commission to assist his most trustworthyness in exporting TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

  2. It is the convention in some circles to refer to the notorious Economist and Censor as Broad DeRound, which I take to be an unflattering girthist allusion.

  3. Stuff like this always irritates me.

    De Tocqueville made the point that great natural resources can be a recipe for a disaster and that was in 1835. If memory serves.

    He wasn’t even an economist.

  4. Interestingly, he blames the medium term problem on… demand rising very rapidly both because of new projects propelled by the state and because rising income for the poor has unleashed a mad consumption splurge–tvs. air conditioning in every room, etc

    Wicked commie bastards. Why can’t they just keep the poor impoverished like generations of US-backed bastards have done.

  5. Perhaps leftist governments have that special penchant for it.

    Hmm. In order to classify Chavez’s populist-nationalist, Iran’s religious-fundamentalist and Nigeria’s socially-conservative, kleptocratic-with-lip-service-to-free-markets governments as “leftist”, you need to make some pretty ridiculous steps of logic..

  6. no more ridiculous that the rule enforced by the left that any leftist manifesto to be applied in only one nation magically makes it right wing.

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