Corruption\’s not a problem in Africa

Oh no, not at all.

A pot of £30m compensation due to be paid to thousands of African victims of toxic waste may end up being stolen thanks to the Ivory Coast regime\’s corruption, their lawyers said today.

The money was handed over by oil traders Trafigura in an out-of-court settlement in London and deposited in a bank in the west African state\’s capital, Abidjan, ready to be shared out in cash to each of the 30,000 victims. But the entire sum has been frozen in a sudden move backed by the local state prosecutor, according to Martyn Day, the senior partner at Leigh Day, the London lawyers who won the landmark settlement.

Moves are now in train, he said, to order all the cash to be handed over to a local group claiming to represent the victims. At the same time, Day has received a request to meet representatives of a senior Ivorian figure in Paris, to agree to come to an \”arrangement\”.

You see it isn\’t corruption *in* Africa that\’s a problem at all. It\’s the existence of offshore finance, of secrecy jurisdictions that is the problem. I mean, that is what we\’re endlessly told, isn\’t it?

If only we fucked over Jersey then nothing like this would ever happen again, eh Ritchie?

3 thoughts on “Corruption\’s not a problem in Africa”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Paying money to a group representing the victims is not the same as paying money to the victims.

    The State is not the same as The People.

  2. As Dickie’s noted many a time, the natives of that continent are such children, and must be saved from themselves, as well as others, by people like, well, Dickie.

    It’s so simple. Why can’t you see it?

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