Digital Beatles

This isn\’t going to last long.

A US website has all of the Beatles (yes, all, including the new remasters) either free as a stream or for 15p a track.


EMI is doing its nut as they don\’t seem to have permission.

If you\’re actually into the music of half a century ago might be time to fill your boots.

2 thoughts on “Digital Beatles”

  1. Hmmm…. Now what exactly is the position of the user? Is this, as the celebrated 6th form essay title has it, “receiving stolen goods”?

  2. So… I can download them illegally from this website for 15p a track? Or I can download them illegally from bittorrent for 0p a track. Nothing new there then.

    I still don’t understand why the Beatles won’t allow their music to be sold digitally. Surely they’re losing out on millions of sales? Apparently they don’t want their music to end up on bittorrent. Well that worked well…

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