Don\’t let politics become the preserve of the rich

Says Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown is to warn Sir Christopher Kelly, the man heading the inquiry into the MPs\’ expenses scandal, that his reforms to be unveiled next week must not turn politics into the preserve of the rich.

Well, OK. £65k a year salary does in fact make you one of the rich: certainly in the top 5% of income earners (yes, yes, I know wealth and income, stock and flow) possibly in the top 2%. Add in a rental gratis in London and free travel and, well, yes, that\’s a pretty good screw.

It\’s certainly not going to stop the bloke on median earnings of £25k or so having a go because the money\’s not enough, is it?

3 thoughts on “Don\’t let politics become the preserve of the rich”

  1. I’m sick of hearing them bleating about MPs maybe having to travel a whole hour to get home at a late hour, just because we won’t give them a blank cheque to buy themselves a house in London.

    Thousands of folk have to drive home, or get buses or trains, at unsocial hours. It can be an ordeal, you can feel very insecure, and sometimes it isn’t safe. That’s why I want our MPs to be exposed to it. I wish I could see our judges exposed to it too.

  2. As Democrats of the Democratic Party, we are joining together in seeking reform within the Democratic Party.

    Many of our elected representatives within the Democratic Party are no longer following in the time-honored footsteps laid down by the founding fathers of our great Nation. More importantly, we as democrats see our elected representatives within the Democratic Party abandoning the values and principles as set forth within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

    Nonetheless, this is only the beginning of our problems as Democrats, for the current Democratic Party leadership is tainted by corruption and being taken over by Socialists. These Socialists are clearly a threat to everything we hold sacred in America, and they are gaining evermore control over our Democratic Party, our Nation, and the American people.

    Despite this, we as Democrats can restore control of the Democratic Party back to the party members. All we need to do is cut off donations to the local, state, and national headquarters of the Democratic Party, and to make sure the donations are made directly to patriotic and honorable Democratic Party candidates that are not corrupt and/or Socialist.

    So please help spread the message to everyone of our fellow Democrats. Also, don’t forget to contact and request the Unions and other outside contributors to follow our lead as patriotic Americans.

    Thank you, and God Bless America.

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