Eating less meat to save the planet

This would still mean the average European could have a balanced diet of one small beef steak, one portion of fish, one portion of chicken, two pork sausages and two eggs…

Well, OK, I could cut down to that. But what would I eat the other 6 days of the week?

That\’s just breakfast, a light lunch and surfn\’turf for dinner.

3 thoughts on “Eating less meat to save the planet”

  1. “Clare Oxborrow, senior food campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said people could make a difference with small changes to their diet.

    “It’s amazing news that we can feed a rapidly expanding population without trashing the planet – and still eat meat several times a week,” she said. “

    Amazing news, Claire? I don’t think so, sweetie…

  2. And where is all the manure going to come from that keeps the soil healthy in order to grow all those vegetables and cereals?

    Modern fertilisers are great, but don’t put substance back and without manure the place soon turns into a barren dust bowl that loses top soil whenever the wind blows.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Why don’t we kill all the wild animals that do all this vegetation eating and farting, and don’t contribute a whit to the contents of my plate?

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