Lellouche said he had made his displeasure known to shadow foreign secretary William Hague personally. \”They have one line and they just repeat one line. It is a very bizarre sense of autism,\” he said.

I thought that was Gordo with Aspie\’s?

But as a piece of political advice:

Mr Lellouche said he was reflecting Nicolas Sarkozy\’s \”sadness and regret\” at David Cameron\’s recently-announced plan to strengthen British sovreignity, warning it would \”castrate\” the country\’s position within the EU.

What should be the response to that?

But Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague insisted Mr Lellouche\’s views were not widely-held.

\”I don\’t think you will find that\’s representative of the reaction in Paris or other European capitals,\” he told BBC2\’s Newsnight.

No Willy, that\’s not the correct response. The way to get England behind you is to say \”Well, of course, that\’s Mr. Lellouche\’s view and of course he\’s entitled to it. But since when does an Englishman care what a Frenchman thinks?\”

You\’d have half the nation marching to Portmouth and readying the Victory for sea and the other half at home knitting socks and scarves for the campaign ahead.

Might not be all that effective a military campaign of course but it would certainly win you some votes.

6 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Will someone tell Monsieur Lellouche exactly where he can stick his European Union?

    I guess that would require someone in the Tory party with testicles, and there hasn’t been anyone like that since Margaret Thatcher.

  2. Who gives a toss about how to England – or the UK as you really ought to say 🙂 – the point is that it’s utterly inconsistent.

    The correct response is
    “Well, of course, that’s Mr. Lellouche’s view and of course he’s entitled to it.
    What he’s not entitled to do is to determine how we run our country. That’s what strengthening British Sovereignty means.”

  3. “We need to be united, otherwise we will be wiped out and marginalised. None of us can do it alone. Whether you’re big or small, the lesson is the same. And England’s risk is one of marginalisation. Irrelevance.”

    How is uniting with a group who want things differently to you better than being alone and marginalised?

    All he seems to be saying is that Europe would speaker louder if it included our voices, therefore we should speak with it.

  4. And who gets “marginalised” really?

    Well it turns out the UK itself is unaffected. The dreadful vengeful retribution of the Eurocrats would be aimed at our political elite, who would be locked out of the top euro-non-job jobs. No coronations for the likes of Blair and Milliberk.

    Bring it on…..

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I have always said, wars with France usually work out well for the UK. Especially if we fight with the Germans instead of against them. It is being an ally of France that f**ks us most of the time.

    So we ought to withdraw from the EU and bomb Brussels. We have nothing to lose but the CAP!

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