Maddy Bunting again.

The bit I\’m now stalling on is the windows. Our Edwardian or Victorian forebears fell in love with glass (don\’t get me started on the Georgians, who were even worse, but that is probably a more elitist problem today), and the acres of glass bay windows mean that our bills are paying to heat the street outside, warming those pesky blackbirds and the blasted front garden. But double-glaze that lot (especially in a conservation area) and you won\’t have much change from £50,000 on a terraced house.


11 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. I suppose that she must live in a terraced mansion. Or that the double-glazing salesman recognises a mug when he sees one.

  2. High spec, sash double glazed would probably set her back around 3-4K per window, assuming no discount. A mansion, obviously 🙂

  3. We had ours done this spring, with high specification units, for about £10K. Including installation. That included the double glazed front door and back door, plus porch, and ten windows, four of which are large composite picture windows.

    And delivery time was less than a week.

  4. If the lady doesn’t like Victorian terraces in conservation areas, why doesn’t she move to something more suitable. And if her problem is with the demands of the planners for her conservation area- she might do a piece expounding her case.

  5. It may be merely a typo, 5,000. perhaps?
    What is really interesting is that she evidently has a kitchen stove that produces carbon. Oh, maybe she is speaking of her cooking results?

  6. Just had a quote. Large replica Georgian sash windows ready to go into the hole in the wall, specced for a Grade II listed house, £1400 each delivered if you have 4.

    The lady is obviously a newspaper columnist…

  7. For goodness’ sake – the only rooms that need to be heated in a house are the drawing room and the bathroom. Everything else can be solved with warm clothes and duvets…

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