Emotion based politics

This pleases me.

Governor Jon Corzine, the incumbent Democrat, was defeated by Chris Christie in New Jersey, where no Republican had won state-wide since 1997.

I know nothing about Christie (other than that he is fat) and little about Corzine (ex-Goldman\’s, using his own money in the election campaign and from the few stories that made the international press about his term, a deeply arrogant man) but at some gut level this pleases me.

No, not Democrat and Republican sort of level, just the anti-Corzine level.

Dunno why, but there it is.

4 thoughts on “Emotion based politics”

  1. Like you, Tim, I don’t know much about Christie, but was gladdened by the results. Corzine spent $63 million of his own money to buy his U.S. Senate seat, almost $40 million of his own money again to buy the governorship, and another $25 million in his failed bid to keep it.

    The 2000 Senate contest caught my eye because he outspent his opponent 5:1 but won by the smallest margin of any Democrat that year. A popular bumper-sticker at the time read, “Make him spend it all, Bob!” (Bob Franks was the last-minute GOP nominee after Christine Todd Whitman decided not run for the seat.)

  2. Christie was the US Attorney in NJ for several years. Per some comments last night discussing the elction results, he obtained over 100 convictions of NJ local and state officials for corruption-related charges. Ran on a platform of reform and fiscal changes.

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