Explaining the glass ceiling

Weird that this very good (for a change) Gaby Hinsliff piece should be her last as Observer political editor.

Long but worth reading.

It\’s a very good description of why there are so few women at the very top. The compromises that have to be made to get there simply aren\’t palatable to many women.

(Perhaps I should add that they\’re also not palatable to many men: I\’m certainly not, in common with millions of other men, willing to spend the 60-80 hours a week it requires to get there…..even if I had the talent or ability, something which is obviously unknown as I\’ve never been interested enough to try and find out.)

2 thoughts on “Explaining the glass ceiling”

  1. If job protection laws were not so severe, it would be much easier for women to return to good jobs after a few years off.

  2. P.S. I’ve worked lots of 60-80 hour weeks, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sustain it at the sort of boring jobs that “getting to the top” involves.

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