From the department of strange but true

We all know that the decline of pirates causes global warming.

But only recently have we discovered that the crappiness of modern music is leading to peak oil.

Now there will of course be those who reject this, simply some sort of correlation, not causation.

But we should note that the proof here is substantially more rigourous than say, Julie Bindel on trafficking and prostitution, or Harriet Harman and the gender pay gap: and those two we actually base policy decisions upon.

1 thought on “From the department of strange but true”

  1. You could well be correct with you first assertion.. 🙂 The incidence of piracy had declined in step with the slight increase reported in global temperature, reaching a low (pirates) and high (temp) around 1998. Since then there has been, thanks largely to Somalia, a sharp increase in piracy – mirrored by an equally sharp decrease in global temperature.

    We should forget all the CO2 reduction and capture schemes and instead encourage Somalian piracy as it’s much cheaper and considerably less damaging to the economies of the world.

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