Good idea

Treatment centres run by the private sector are profiting from NHS funding by taking on less risky patients while being paid the same rate as publicly funded hospitals, a study suggests.

Do the routine, almost industrialised, stuff in one place, put the complicated ones under the care of experts.

The problem with this is?

6 thoughts on “Good idea”

  1. @3, see also the brain-dead leftie commentators who say to every fecking piece of news “Sounds to me like the state should nationalise XXX and get rid of the fat-cats”.

  2. Assuming patients are routine will lead sooner or later to death. The vague headache which is a brain tumour in the making etc.
    And for anyone over 60 years of age Occam’s razor should be abandoned. But unfortunatly too often you are allowed one illness at a time.
    Everyone deserves an expert.

  3. “The problem with this is?”

    Are you joking? Even simple elective procedures can become horribly complicated, from all kinds of angles – even in the fit n’ young. Invasive surgery is NEVER routine, even when it is described as such. Give me ITU down the corridor and a [insert specialist here] opinion if I need one, any day.

    ISTCs are pisspoor value for money, and detract from decent continuity of care.

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