Good question

Would Britain really be any worse off if the Commons was blown up tomorrow?

Answer: Yes.

For Parliament Square would look a little unbalanced really, got to think of the architecture after all.

On the other hand, the viscera of the tripe that currently infest the place would be decorative.

3 thoughts on “Good question”

  1. Serf, neutron bombs have a tendency to kill innocent bystanders. Besides, they cost a lot of money.

    Rope and lamposts are still the best method, the most cost effective, and the most salutary.

    I think it’s the way they make that creak creak noise while the stiff swings around in the breeze.

    Also, lamposts are so nicely spaced out throughout the city. Motorists would be able to check their speed by counting the seconds between dead cabinet ministers. It would be the first genuinely useful function the buggers have ever provided.

    Finally, we could save money on Christmas decorations by spraying them with red green and gold paint.

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