Guarantees on schools

An education Bill to be unveiled in the Queen\’s Speech on Wednesday will create a set of pupil and parent “guarantees” for the first time – outlining what families can expect from the state school system in England.

D\’ye know, looking through them, I can\’t actually see that they\’re promising to teach the to read, write and do sums.

Odd that.

2 thoughts on “Guarantees on schools”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “I can’t actually see that they’re promising to teach the to read, write and do sums.”

    Of course not. That’d be difficult. Facilitating a multi-modal inclusive learning environment is easy. Expensive, but who cares? It isn’t their money, is it?

  2. I feel I would get still more out of this trenchant critique of governmental failure in literacy policy if you could clarify whether there is simply an “m” missing from “them” or whether you have missed out an entire epithet (“the bastards”, “the little darlings”, …).

    All will be forgiven if you can tell me if there is a named law regarding spelling errors in any comment about spelling errors.

    Tim adds: Yes: Muphry’s Law

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