The de facto authorities have the support of many middle class and conservative Hondurans as well as the supreme court, congress and military.

I do rather love this insistence that all the lefties have of calling the Honduran government the \”de facto\” government.

If you\’ve got both the Congress and the Supreme Court on your side then it\’s pretty much a given that  you\’re the de jure government, not merely the de facto.

Especially since Zelaya was deposed entirely legally under the Honduran Constitution (even if his expulsion from the country was less than legal).

2 thoughts on “Honduras”

  1. It is the same failure of reason that results in the dichotomy of insisting that British soldiers should not follow the instructions of the elected government (i.e. refuse to go to Afghanistan and, when we were there, Iraq) and condemning right-wing military dictatorships …

  2. Rule No. 1 of coups (Latin American or otherwise): a 9mm bullet into the nape of the neck renders de jure interchangeable with de facto.

    The reigning sentiment here in Costa Rica (where negotiations were hashed out) is that this is about as good a compromise as could have been expected, given the Obama administration’s practically criminal mis-reading of the facts. Most educated people were shocked at the knee-jerk support of Obama’s government for an obvious usurper. It has given the Chavistas a huge boost, isolated Uribe, and made Oscar Arias look ineffectual. If that hurts Laura Chinchilla (the centre-right candidate) in her upcoming election bid vs. Ottón Solís (the protectionist Lefty dickwad) then I will not be amused.

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