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How to eviscerate tertiary education

My Noble Lord Mandelson of Fop seems not to understand the very basics of what he is doing.

He said universities would have to engage more with business, and involve employers more in both course design and the funding of degrees. \”Universities are not islands, they are not ivory towers, they have to respond to the world around them,\” he said.

No, that\’s exactly what universities are and should be: ivory towers where knowledge is pursued for the sheer joy of pursuing knowledge.

Places which train people to do specific jobs can be called many things but not universities: polytechnics, technical schools, vocational colleges, but these are not universities.

Having started out on the wrong foot like this he is of course going to entirely screw up those good universities that we do have.


4 thoughts on “How to eviscerate tertiary education”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    He’s fucked up everything else he’s had anything to do with. Why should universities be any different?

  2. If universities are not training people to do things, what are they training them for? More to the point, who is paying for those people to learn whatever it is that they’re learning? If Some Company wants to spend however much it costs to fund someone’s degree course (because they’ll get the benefit of it afterwards) then fine, but if a student wants to study something that’s of no use to anyone (and thus has no-one willing to fund it), he should pay for it himself.

    Tim adds: The point of a university isn’t the students. It’s the academics. The teaching the students bit is really about working out who the next generation of academics should be.

    That’s the sense that I’m using “university” and they’re publicly funded because knowledge is a public good.

    The stuff about students learning stuff is what polys, technical and vocational schools are for….

  3. Time to kick all of those drunken, wannabe doctors and engineers out of university where they pollute the academic atmosphere of the hallowed halls and send them to the non-existent polytechnics. Wannabe lawyers they can just kick.

    Economists are, of course, purely academic and of no bloody use to man nor beast.

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