Interesting little thought

William Rees Mogg muses over the electoral battleground of Somerset.

In the Somerset marginals a vote for UKIP will help to elect Lib Dem candidates to Westminster.

Which means that the UKIP vote will determine whether Jacob and or Annunziata Rees Mogg make it into the next parliament. They\’re two of the tribe that I didn\’t go to school with so I know only their public personae.

But that does sound like two good reasons to call for a UKIP vote, doesn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Interesting little thought”

  1. Not if another Lib Dem MP results in another lefty-greeny, pro-EU majority, no, it doesn’t. A good reason to call for a UKIP vote would be to decrease the likelihood of electing someone with opposing views. Tactical voting may go against the grain somewhat but if it’s the only viable way of keeping the worst of the bad guys out, then I’ll be gritting my teeth and voting Lib Dem. The alternative is that Labour retain my safe-ish constituency, with the Conservative a distant third. (At least we won’t have Milburn again as the useless, slimy little twat’s retiring.)

  2. The problem is that all the “mainstream” parties are “lefty-greeny pro-EU”… UKIP are probably the nearest that we have to a “traditional” conservative party and they, thankfully, don’t seem to have bought into all the eco-wibble, but they have a massive hill to climb.

    It makes me, and I guess a lot of other “small-c conservatives”, feel totally disenfranchised.

  3. But as well as being lefty-greeny pro-EU, the Lib Dems are unashamedly in favour of higher taxes and an expanding state. I would much prefer a UKIP MP but to say that that’s unlikely is like saying that Gandhi looked hungry. That being the case, I’ll go for the least of several evils, knowing that the result will be evil even in the best of circumstances, but not as evil as it might be.

  4. If the Conservatives dropped out of the race, then the Conservative voters would probably vote UKIP and the Lib Dems wouldn’t get in.

    Problem solved.

    (the Conservatives can take their assumption that they’re entitled to the small government vote and shove it where the sun don’t shine).

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