Job of the Day

In these troubled times, a new service from Worstall Enterprises Inc. Ltd PLC.

Today\’s \”Job of the Day\” is as follows:

I have a current blog site I need reviews of adult content posted for my affiliate programs with back links added

Estimated Workload:Full-time – 30+ hrs/week

average $3.57/hr

Yup, you could have a full time and low paid job reviewing porn films.

5 thoughts on “Job of the Day”

  1. You don’t have to watch them, ok they’re expecting full-time (since when was 30+ hrs/wk considered full-time – where I came from that was a really slack week) but if you were unemployed – hell if you were going to be watching TV anyway, just leave it running in the background and click occasionally. That time was a sunk cost anyway.

    And, well to not put too fine a point on it – it’s free porn, forget your subsidised canteens and soft drinks as perks.

    Of course the missus might have something to say about it…novel excuse though when you get caught!

  2. Jacqueboot’s hubby did that job, didn’t he? Managed a bit better than $3.57/hr of taxpayers’ money, though.

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