Mote, beam and all that

India has urged the West to give up eating beef to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

A couple of minor points: firstly, where will all the organic fertiliser come from if there\’s no livestock and secondly, the figures used are for intensive feedlot operations: not for the pasture grazing which 60% of Britain\’s west is suited to.

But the real mote, beam point is that India has 400 million cows (or so we are told) and they fart methane just as much as the cows we eat. But the Indians don\’t eat them (meaning that there are then further emissions from what they do eat): so will they get rid of those 400 million as we scale down our beef eating?

2 thoughts on “Mote, beam and all that”

  1. India is an interesting case, and I’m delighted in the improvements year by year in their economy and living standards, to say nothing of their democratic government. However, I do find it strange that, while we send money to feed and medicate their people, and to educate their children, they send rockets to the moon.

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