Ms. Margolis on being outed as a sex blogger

Gosh, do you know, I was outed as a sex blogger three years ago. It was horrible, tragic even, so much so that I moved to New York to rebuild my life without all those people whispering about all the sex I\’d been boasting about having.

In fact, it was so horrible that not only did I move countries I\’ve now got a piece in the newspaper about how awful it was. With my picture on it!

Girl with a One Track Mind: Exposed by Zoe Margolis, will be published by Pan Macmillan, March 2010.

And I\’ve got a book coming out telling everyone how terrible it is to be known as a sexblogger!

Woe is me!

2 thoughts on “Ms. Margolis on being outed as a sex blogger”

  1. Given the social and family costs of being “outed” in this way and the presumed effect on the lady’s career, I cannot find it in me to blame her for cashing in. If she can find a market for her books and articles, good luck to her.

  2. Are the societal and family costs that great? Today’s Telegraph reports that recently exposed Belle de Jour’s mum is quite proud of her daughter and yesterday the same paper carried a comment piece by Rowan Pelling which also seems to pour cold water on the idea being outed is so damaging.

    Indeed I’m beginning to wonder whether “The Intimate Confessions of a Remittance Man” might not be a marketable asset. A couple of years of “mysterious” revelations to excite the media and readers, then a splash exposure to boost sales just as the first wave of enthusiasm wanes.

    Sounds like a good business model to me.

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