Not quite grasped this evolution thing then?

Liz Jones in the Mail:

But most of all I hate women who use their breasts to get ahead.

You know the sort: they stand, arms crossed supportively below their bosoms, a low-cut dress revealing a cleavage that, to my mind, resembles buttocks.

Err, yes, that\’s actually rather the point. The existence of breasts (which we might note do not exist on any of our primate cousins and they are most certainly not required for milk production) is usually thought to be part of the series of adaptations that went along with the change from doggy style sex to face to face sex.

You see, they\’re supposed to look like buttocks.*

*For an odd but true meaning of the word \”supposed\”.

6 thoughts on “Not quite grasped this evolution thing then?”

  1. I thought I was the only person who knew that , our primate cousins also do not have huge and impractical penises raised by a hydraulic system that often fails .

    Salutations fellow large penised ape

  2. Speak for yourself Newmania.

    Our primate cousins’ wedding tackle varies in size according to promiscuity, with the ever horny Bonobo having (relatively) the largest, and the Harem owner Gorilla, the smallest.

  3. Personally, I never bought the “buttock-mimic” explanation (I first read it in Desmond Morris).
    Because it’s a poor imitation until clothes with breast-support were invented.
    But female apes do get swollen nipple area during lactation; the human version looks permanently motherly. To me that’s a better explanation.

  4. If boobs were meant to look like an arse they wouldn’t have nipples on em and belly buttons would be higher up.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    ZT – “An interesting film that (incidentally) features this is ‘Quest for Fire’.”

    Features what precisely? By my dim recollection all that particular anthropological masterpiece features is Rae Dawn Chong (Tommy-of-Cheech-and-Chong’s daughter) introducing face-to-face sex to another tribe and inventing oral sex.

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